Water Tank Install and Repair

Water Tank Install Service Repair Cebu

An outdoor water tank that fills with your local water supply and then (possibly) gets heated electrically or by the sun. Most likely, it it is a storage tank of room temperature water that enables your home or business to have a temporary water supply in areas where the water gets shut off.

The cost of installing a tank depends on the preparations needed to mount it, the accessibility of the site, the size of the tank and (optionally) the energy source of the system. Costs can vary. A free on-site visit will enable us to give you a price.

Also keep in mind that  water tanks should be replaced every (8) eight to (12) twelve years. If you adhere to that timeline, you will likely never have a water tank breakdown. But if you do notice that it is leaking from a fixture or from the tank itself, shutoff the source valve and give us a call so that we can help troubleshoot the problem.

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